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Stub Flanges - Butt Fusion . Polyethylene stub flanges are generally used when there is a connection to valves, in-line instruments and connection between Polyethylene pipe and another type of pipe material. Stub flange fittings generally involve pressing two surfaces to be joined tightly together, by means of threaded bolts.

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Butt fusion fittings for water are mostly used for transporting water. Our pipe fittings are made from PE80 and PE100 materials. This type of hot melt PE fitting is safe and reliable because the materials are completely non-toxic and with high resistance to chemicals. Our butt fusion fittings passed related tests including Dubell Test, Peel De-cohesion Test and Crashing De …

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4 Order & Price Information Pricing: Please contact Integrity Fusion Products, Inc, or your local authorized distributor for pricing inquiries. We welcome all inquiries via telephone, email, or fax. Phone: 770-632-7530 Fax: 770-632-7540 E-mail: [email protected] Ordering: Minimum Billing: $50.00 (orders less than $50.00 will be …

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Electrofusion procedure utilises the weldability of materials with out the use of the relatively cuersome butt fusion welding machine. This is achieved by using polyethylene couplings with eedded copper wire coils serving as heating elements. A portable welding machine connected to a power source provides a current source of the correct voltage and duration, which is applied to the

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01/05/2020· Butt fusion creates strong, leak-free HDPE welds when following proper procedures. ISCO has hundreds of reliable, easy-to-operate McElroy machines for rent, and for sale. Machines to fuse from ½” to 65” HDPE pipe are readily available; various size and appliion-specific units noted below:

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Butt Fusion is defined by McGraw-Hill as “A method of joining plastic pipe, sheet, or other similar forms of a thermoplastic resin wherein the two ends to be joined are heated to the molten state and then rapidly pressed together to form a homogeneous bond.” With HDPE fittings you would use a butt fusion machine, heat both ends of the fittings or pipe and press them together to form a

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Fusion Group offer a complete range of butt fusion and electrofusion welding equipment and tooling for use on polyethylene piping systems. TRANSITION FITTINGS. Transition fittings are a quick and easy way to connect various types of metallic pipes to PE Pipe systems, using either a traditional flange, threaded or a modern SupaGrip fitting.

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AFM250-AFM315 automatic butt fusion welding machine is a newly developed product provided by Songjiang Smart Joint Company. It is suitable for welding PE plastic pipes and pipe fittings with the size of 90 mm to 315 mm. This kind of automatic butt fusion machine minimizes the influence of man-made factors in the welding process to the maximum, ensuring high …

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Electrofusion elbow is a kind of transition elbow or PE spigot elbow that is used to change the direction of conduit pipe fittings. It can also be used to connect two tubes with different diameters. China Songjiang Smart Joint Company mainly supplies 90 degree and 45 degree electrofusion elbows.

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3.Electro-fusion Fitting for Water 4.Water and Mining Flange Adapter 5.Irrigation Fittings 6.Drainage Fittings 7.Large Size Fittings 8.Fusion Machine (Butt Fusion and Electro-Fusion as …

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Our welding equipment is manufactured according to the DVS 2207 Standards of German Welding Association for heat fusion joining of polyethylene pipe and fittings and the American National Standard ASTM F2620. HAYES Butt fusion machines are reliable, competitively priced and guaranteed. Our Products can be used for all thermoplastic pipe

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Butt fusion welding is the name given to hot plate welding of thermoplastic pipes. It is one of two main techniques for the fusion joining of polyethylene gas and water pipe. The Process. The heating phase, sometimes referred to as ''bead up'', is where the pipe ends are pressed against a heated plate for a period of time. This is followed by the

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Our warehouse, loed just south of Atlanta in Peachtree City, Georgia, houses a full line and deep quantities of HDPE butt fusion, transitions, electrofusion fittings and equipment. Integrity Fusion Products provides top quality products to you and your customer in a timely manner. Most orders ship within 24 hours. With a wide range of shipping options at our service, your products can be

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24/04/2020· butt fusion welding machines ITS TECNODUE Srl is a world leader in the manufacture of automatic and manual butt fusion machines. The quality and reliability of Tecnodue’s Trench welding butt fusion range has made it the most popular machine.

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ISO 12176-1, Plastics pipes and fittings ? Equipment for fusion jointing polyethylene systems ? Part 1: Butt fusion; ISO 13953, Polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings ? Determination of the tensile strength and failure mode of test pieces from a butt-fused joint; ISO/TR 19480, Polyethylene pipes and fittings for the supply of gaseous fuels or

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Jilin Songjiang Smart Joint Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of fusion machines and pipe fittings in China. Our products mainly cover butt fusion machine, electrofusion machine, socket fusion toolkit, irrigation fittings, and so on. Our products are exported to Algeria, UAE, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Libya, …

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GFCP electrofusion fittings can be installed at aient temperatures ranging from -10°F (-23°C) to 120°F (49°C) without change to the fusion procedure. The fusion machine monitors aient temperature and will not allow a fusion to begin if the temperature is beyond this range. If fusing in temperatures below

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Butt fusion technology is the safe, reliable and favorable joining for a wide dimension range. GF Piping Systems offers mechanical, hydraulic and CNC-guided fusion machines for on site constructions and the workshop. The fusion areas of the pipes and fittings are heated to fusion temperature and joined by means of mechanical pressure, without using additional materials. …

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Integrity Fusion Products Inc. manufactures molded and fabried HDPE butt fusion fittings, full port HDPE valves for water and gas (up to 16″), and fusion equipment including electrofusion processor, socket fusion tools, and butt fusion equipment. The products are for natural gas, industrial, landfill, potable water, and mining appliions. IFP is loed in Fayetteville, Georgia, and

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Electrofusion Machines and Tools. ELECTROFUSION COUPLING INSTALLATION VIDEO. 1; 2; Sort by: Jackman Roughneck Electrofusion Processor w/Smartscanner 1/2" - 32" Capacity. SKU: ROUGHNECK972-1. $3,499.99. Add To Cart. Jackman Roughneck Electrofusion Processor w/Smartscanner and GPS 1/2" - 32" Capacity. SKU: ROUGHNECK972-1GPS. $3,599.99. Add To Cart. Elektra LIGHT Electrofusion Welding Machine …

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Integrity Fusion Products – Sewer & Drainage HDPE Fittings . There is no specific ASTM standard or other standard specifiion on fabried fitting dimensions. However, pipe used to fabrie HDPE fabried fittings comply with the dimensions and tolerances as specified in ASTM F714. HDPE Fabried Fittings are fabried of pipe and plate materials consisting of …

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IntegriFuse Molded Butt Fusion Fittings include both everyday items you expect from a fittings manufacturer, as well as, some unique items that will solve many project and jobsite challenges. Butt Fusion is defined by McGraw-Hill as “A method of joining plastic pipe, sheet, or other similar forms of a thermoplastic resin wherein the two ends to be joined are heated to the molten state and

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to PE fittings is by heat fusion of the pipe butt ends as illustrated in Figure 1. This technique produces a permanent, economical and flow-efficient connection. Quality butt fusion joints are produced by using trained operators and quality butt fusion machines in good condition. The butt fusion machine should be capable of: • Aligning the pipe ends • Clamping the pipes • …

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Butt fusion welding is the hot plate welding of thermoplastic pipes. Pipe ends are brought together in a chassis of a machine where two separate pipes ends are clamped, faced square & joined together. Learn More. Electrofusion Welding. The electrofusion welding process involves the use of a moulded socket fitting containing an electrical resistive heating coil. The prepared …

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Hynds are the exclusive NZ distributor for GF polyethylene, electrofusion, and buttweld fittings, suited for a wide range of appliions. All PE100 electrofusion fittings are manufactured to the highest quality standards and comply with AS/NZS 4129. Electrofusion fittings are available from 20 mm - 1400 mm and include straight couplings, elbows, tees, tapping and branching saddles.

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